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We’re Trish and Moon. Between the two of us, we have four cats. For a while, we’ve been sending each other links and pictures of not just cats, but also everything cat-related-- from toys, to shirts, to mugs, to litter boxes. It felt like a natural next step to curate some of these items for kitties and their humans, test them out with our cats, and pass along our impressions to you!

Trish earns her keep during the day as an eCommerce marketer in technology and is a lifelong lover of cats. She first got acquainted with cats at the age of 14, with Maximus and Girlie, and is currently the proud parent of tuxedo brothers Othello and Iago, whom she adopted when they were eight weeks old. Othello is a black tuxedo cat who charms everyone he meets with his engaging talkative nature. His best talent is being a therapy cat. Iago is shy and takes his time to get to know you -- and when he does, comes to you with the most aggressive head butt demanding attention. They are named after the protagonist and villain in the Shakespearean play, Othello. Trish was an English major. 


Othello being meow-y

Othello is a meowy kitty

Iago being a sleepy kitty, purr purr purr

Iago, chillin'


Moon is a full-time PhD student, part-time public health professional, and life-time cat lady. Her kitties, Titan and Io, were adopted at 12 weeks old from an amazing foster mom. Titan is a playful doofus with a perpetually surprised face-- he’s a total momma’s boy when no one’s looking. Io has an out-of-control bushy tail (sadly, not pictured below), is extremely sweet, and has the gentlest, most inquisitive meow. They are named after the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, respectively, making the three of them a family of little moons.


Titan looking pensive

Titan looking unusually pensive

Io, being fluffy and photogenic as always

Io has fluff for days


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Biscuits and Purrs,

Trish & Moon

(and Othello & Iago and Titan & Io!)